Josh Hagen

Josh is a Project Manager at Equilibrium Engineering, with over 10 years experience in the construction industry in design, drafting, specification, and construction management. Josh has been involved in the design and execution of many energy efficient projects including several newly constructed and renovated residential net-zero-energy homes as well as a number of energy efficient demonstration/proof of concept homes, partnered with organizations such as Nova Scotia Power, Nova Scotia Home Builders Association, Nova Scotia Community College, and Efficiency NS.

Josh graduated as a Technologist from NSCC Wood Products Manufacturing Technology in Cape Breton in 2008, where he learned even the traditional techniques of woodworking and furniture making can be advanced an improved upon with modern technology such as computer aided drafting and automated machinery, as well as utilizing environmentally responsible products and techniques, reducing waste and the impact on precious natural resources.

Josh’s contribution to the team is to apply his education and experience to enhance efficiency, sustainability and environmental accountability using the team’s skills and experience, continual improvement of the planning and design process, better construction materials and techniques, application of technology, and common sense.