Homeowner Expression of Interest :

The Alba Nova team is looking for 10 homeowners willing to receive a free integrated energy storage system (20-kWh) and possibly solar too. The selected volunteers will also receive a complementary energy audit and upgrade report with a list of energy efficiency measures that would further reduce their annual operating costs.

Ideally homeowners will consider packaging up the energy efficiency upgrades with their free solar/storage systems with the cost of the upgrades being financed at no upfront cost through the Town of Berwick’s Clean Energy Financing Program. Project will be delivered as a turn-key package for all participants. So who are we looking for?

  • Homeowners looking to get off oil.

  • Homeowners looking at heat pump technology.

  • Homeowners with old inefficient homes.

  • Homeowners considering electric vehicle (EV) ownership.

  • Homeowners looking to take advantage of time of day billing rates.

A briefing session for homeowners will be held in August, with goal of selecting homes by end of August. We are looking for a diversity of home types, ages, sizes, and existing heating systems. If there are more than 10 homes interested in participating a lottery will be held.

Criteria for selection:

  • Must be a customer of the Berwick Electric Utility.

  • Must be willing to share before and after energy consumption data with project team.

  • Must be willing to be shifted to a time of use electrical rate.

  • Must be willing to be interviewed by media about their experience.

Desired Make-Up of participating homes:

  • 2-3 old oil-fired heated homes

  • 2-3 electric heated homes

  • 2-3 homes that are existing Direct Load Control (DLC) customers for Berwick Electric Utility.

  • 2 low income households

  • 1 Municipal Councillor to be selected by random draw (if less than 5 Councillors are interested spot will be used for common pool).

Deadline for volunteer applications is noon on Sept.8th, there will be a public information session on September the 4th at 6pm at the Berwick Town Hall.