Education +

Keeping up to date with the rapid changes in today’s built environment can be a time consuming and costly activity. However, if left unchecked, organizations can quickly find themselves lagging behind industry trends, which can result in missed opportunities for improving long-term operating efficiency. Equilibrium Engineering has two experienced educators on staff. They develop and deliver a wide variety of training programs to Equilibrium clients. Our services are available in both face-to-face and online formats, making it accessible to all.

Commercial Education

Energy consumption represents a significant cost to any organization. Controlling how energy affects the bottom line requires that both management and operational staff have a solid understanding of where and what they can manage. Research and case studies of industry have shown that implementing energy management training for building occupants has a direct and significant impact on annual energy usage. Equilibrium offers both general and customized training solutions for our clients and will work to develop the most effective solution for your organization.

Custom Education

A “one size fits all” education program may not serve the needs of all clients, and often make it a questionable investment. The customized approach requires an upfront needs assessment to determine the scope of work, which is then applied to the development of a meaningful training solution. With that in mind, Equilibrium’s experienced educators develop and deliver a customized curriculum focused on the client’s business sector and/or employee requirements.