Meet Alba Nova

The Alba Nova project team consists of a consortium of public and private sector team members from Nova Scotia, Canada and Edinburgh, Scotland (Alba). A formal joint venture has been created between the private sector partners Equilibrium Engineering (Canada) and StorTera (Scotland) to lead and deliver the pilot project. Public sector members in the consortium include the Town of Berwick (end user and owner of the Berwick Electric Utility) and Dalhousie University’s Renewable Energy Storage Lab (technical oversight and measurement & verification).


StorTera StorTower Brochure
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PFC Presentation to Berwick Town Council
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"Innovations like electric vehicles, smart devices and batteries are changing the way we think about our energy grid. The U.K. and Canada are jump-starting our clean energy future by developing global technologies to make the electricity grid smarter and faster. These four projects will help to revolutionise the way we access clean, flexible and reliable energy, channelling the benefits of clean growth as part of our modern Industrial Strategy."

- Chris Skidmore, U.K.'s Minister of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy